Types of Acne

There are six main types of spots caused by Acne:

  • Blackheads:

    Small black or yellowish bumps that develop on the skin; they are not filled with dirt but are black because the inner lining of the hair follicle produces pigmentation

  • Whiteheads:

    Have a similar appearance to blackheads, but they can be firmer and will not empty when squeezed

  • Papules:

    Small red bumps that may feel tender or sore

  • Pustules:

    Similar to papules, but have a white tip in the centre, that is caused by a build-up of pus

  • Nodules:

    Large, hard lumps that build up beneath the surface of the skin and can be painful

  • Cysts:

    The most severe type of spot caused by acne; they are large pus-filled lumps. They carry the greatest risk of causing permanent scarring.

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