Treatment Details

Our simple, but effective protocols use the highest concentrations of clinically approved ingredients in a compound peel, which works quickly, but gently, with no side effects.

Our treatment & protocols use products
that are clinically proven to

  • Reduce Sebum production
  • Reduce bacterial count
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce pore size
  • Reduce dark spots
  • Promote even skin tone
  • Smooth skin

Advantages of the Acnex® Peel Facial from
The London Acne Clinic

  • Can be used indefinitely
  • No resistance
  • No side effects
  • For all skin types
  • Can be used by clients who are already taking antibiotics



The treatment process involves three steps

Step 1

  • The skin is first thoroughly degreased using an organic solvent to remove all the fat on the skin.
  • This is important because skin fat can stop the penetration of water-soluble ingredients such as Glycolic acid.

Step 2

  • A compound peel which is in a lotion form is massaged into the face section by section starting with the forehead moving to the nose & then the chin, lower jaw line and cheeks last.
  • This is because skin is thickest on the forehead and thinnest over the cheeks.
  • Massaging activates this peel lotion and the end point of massaging is when the skin is stinging.
  • This peel is a combination of Glycolic acid, Azelaic acid, Phytic acid & Salicylic acid.
  • GLYCOLIC ACID acts to loosen the plugs of dead cells that block the ducts and dissolve the keratin to gently allow it to be shed.
  • It also has excellent bacterial killing power.
  • AZELAIC ACID reduces sebum production, reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria in the skin. In addition it reduces melanin production to reduce dark marks left by acne.
  • PHYTIC ACID is a powerful anti-oxidant and skin-brightening ingredient.
  • SALICYLIC ACID is a anti-bacterial along with being anti-inflammatory agent.
  • These four powerful ingredients in combination address all the problems of Acne skin i.e. pimples &scars.
  • This step will take 10 minutes.
  • The face is now washed with cold running water.

Step 3

  • A soothing facemask is applied to the skin. This is a white clay mask, packed with skin brightening anti-oxidants, which can now penetrate the skin as the top dead layer has been dissolved in step 2.
  • This is left on for 15 minutes.

Step 4

  • Moisturix® SPF 25 is applied to skin in the clinic.
  • *Only Moisturix® SPF 25 is to be used for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Three maintenance creams are provided by the Clinic as part of the 6-week treatment course.

For permanent results, The Acnex® Facial Peel should be done every month, together with the prescribed maintenance creams.

Contra-indications for the Acne treatment:

  • Ensure you do not shave, wax, have a facial or any other treatment on the area 24 hours prior to an appointment with us
  • You have not had laser treatment done within 4 weeks
  • You have not used Retin-A (or any other Vitamin A compound), glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid regularly beforehand


  • Cosmetic-induced acne is now a major problem.
  • The Peel in this treatment removes the keratin that blocks your sebum ducts.
  • Cosmetics contain oil & silica that blocks them and prevents sebum from leaving the skin. This sebum then swells up the sebaceous gland, which then becomes infected & inflamed.
  • It is therefore advised that cosmetics be avoided during the six-week intensive treatment period.


  • Weekly Peel facial: £99
  • Cost of Maintenance creams: £110
  • Special Package Price for 6 week Treatments:
    ONLY £599 including maintenance creams

*At The London Acne Clinic® we can reduce Acne & Scarring more quickly, painlessly, with permanent results.